SET: Rose Quartz Gua Sha + Rose Quartz Roller

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Treat Yourself Like a Chinese Empress!
You have a choice: either read articles "debunking" the effectiveness of stone massage rollers, or buy one for yourself and after one use, wonder why you didn't get one sooner! Stone rollers and Gua Sha scrapers were a favorite among Chinese women. Once you start using it, you'll understand its purpose. When it comes to removing puffiness quickly, even eye patches pale in comparison to this quartz roller.
Granted, we've put our own spin on it. In China, mostly jade accessories were used, but we've decided to go with natural rose quartz. Rose quartz is a mineral with a delicate and rare coloring, one that'll remind you of just how unique you are. This roller is likely the only one of its kind on the Ukrainian market with certified stones and a lifetime guarantee on the metal mounts (you can tell that we're confident about its quality!).
The Benefits:
We created an item with a unique design and many benefits!
  • pleasantly cold; soothing and toning the skin
  • rather heavy; massaging the facial muscles well
  • relaxes the muscles, softening facial features
  • accelerates lymphatic drainage
  • restores skin elasticity
  • improves circulation and creates a light glow
  • absorbs serums and moisturizers better
  • makes quick work of puffiness under the eyes and swelling in general
  • retains the face's original shape
  • gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles
How to Use:

With how gentle and soft the roller is, you can massage your face with it every day, and even more than once. Apply your favorite product to a pre-cleaned area of the face or neck. You can use a light cream, oil, or serum. Among BlackTouch products, we recommend the hyaluronic serum and the Rebuilding serum for use with the roller. Next, maneuver the roller along the main massage lines from the center to the sides. Go over this path several times to thoroughly work each area. For the best effect, you can press the roller slightly against the skin.

The Set Includes:
  • a soft pink quartz roller
  • a scraper
  • a bag for storing and carrying
  • an instruction manual
  • a stylish black box, resembling a ready-made gift
SET: Rose Quartz Gua Sha + Rose Quartz Roller
SET: Rose Quartz Gua Sha + Rose Quartz Roller

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