SET: Amethyst Gua Sha + Argan Oil - 1 fl. Oz

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 An Everyday Massage Tool Resembling a Rare Piece of Jewelry

You, along with all our customers, deserve only the best, and that's not up for debate. We've created a Gua Sha scraper from amethyst—the most beautiful of earthly stones—to inspire you and make each of your days even more beautiful. The amethyst scraper looks truly otherworldly, something that women from the future might use. For you, though, the future comes early. You can order it for yourself at any time of day or night, as our consultants are available around the clock.
The amethyst Gua Sha scraper comes with a certificate confirming the authenticity of the stone, as well as a bar of chocolate to make you smile. The scraper works great not just for massaging the face, but also for the whole body. Its "crown" is able to reach the deepest layers of the skin, and makes working through problematic areas really easy. The other side can effectively massage your calves, back, and arms. We've rethought the traditional Chinese Gua Sha massage and added the shine and luxury of amethyst to it.

The Benefits
Home massages have never been as simple and effective:
  • stimulates and expedites lymph flow
  • cool stone gets rid of swelling, including swollen morning face
  • light pressure makes quick work of swelling in under 5 minutes.
  • gradually relaxes muscles
  • softens facial features
  • creates a youthful appearance
  • makes fine lines and wrinkles disappear
  • dark spots and itchy patches fade, too
  • overall makes the skin fresh and radiant
How to Use

Of all the Gua Sha scrapers, this one, in particular, is the most suitable for full-body massages. Its main asset is the side with the "crown". The crown's soft prongs don't hurt at all, but they do target fat cells, shrinking and getting rid of excess fat.
No matter what area you're going to massage, make sure to pre-clean if necessary and apply oil. The best oil to use is argan oil. We want the scraper to glide freely on the skin, not scratch it. Work through the face by moving the scraper along the massage lines from the center out. Repeat each movement several times. When you work the body itself, you can move from the bottom upwards, following the movement of lymph flow. Doing this massage for just 10 minutes each day is enough to see a good effect. For an amazing effect, try alternating between a Gua Sha massage and a facial vacuum massage.

The Set Includes:
  • an amethyst Gua Sha scraper
  • argan oil - 1 fl. Oz
  • an instruction manual containing massage lines
  • a velour pouch that keeps the scraper warm and safe
  • an incredibly stylish storage box
SET: Amethyst Gua Sha + Argan Oil - 1 fl. Oz
SET: Amethyst Gua Sha + Argan Oil - 1 fl. Oz - BlackTouchUs
SET: Amethyst Gua Sha + Argan Oil - 1 fl. Oz - BlackTouchUs
SET: Amethyst Gua Sha + Argan Oil - 1 fl. Oz - BlackTouchUs

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