HI, DEAR! Let's get to know each other!


But first – smile. Right now. Because you are beautiful. You're always beautiful, whether you're stumbling around in the bathroom in the morning, rushing to work, lost in thought, laughing, or crying... and, of course, when you smile.



We're the BlackTouch team – the first Ukrainian brand of compact beauty gadgets and smart products. We're the best people to turn to if you want to emphasize your naturalness. You deserve to look beautiful every day. Use our products at home, show them to your friends, or take them with you on trips. When your schedule is jam packed, you won't need to worry about squeezing in an appointment to the beautician. Indulge in a beauty treatment anywhere, anytime: at home, on vacation, or even in traffic.


Currently, the BlackTouch team has created more than 30 different massagers that help women around the world take care of their beauty and youth. Our journey started in 2017 with vacuum suction cupping jars.


The goal is to help women avoid limiting themselves to beauty standards, to feel comfortable in their own skin, and accentuate the best parts of their appearance – all while using natural remedies and health-safe beauty gadgets.


You're unique, so keep on shining and stay confident in yourself. That's your style and superpower.