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The Vibromassager To Make Your Facial Muscles Great Again!
You can usually tell who's more emotional and who isn't by their expression lines at the corners of their eyes, on the forehead, and near the lips. These wrinkles are small, but oh so stubborn. No matter how much you massage the area or apply scincare products, nothing seems to make a difference! Something special is needed here; something that can work through wrinkles at a depth that no scrapers, vacuum jars, or even your own hands can; something like the BlackTouch T-Massager.
The massager's T-shaped attachment is very small, so it works in a targeted and concentrated manner to generate a stream of high-frequency vibrations. These vibrations reach the deepest, hardest-to-reach muscles of the face, and make them relax and tone up a little. The vibromassager is made from an alloy of brass and aluminum, and it's no larger than the length of your palm. It's one of our smallest massagers that can be kept in your pocket and taken with you anywhere you go. You can safely travel with the knowledge that your skincare tool is just a reach away.
The Benefits
Among the benefits it provides are:
  • the muscles relax, lose tension, and the facial expression changes
  • the face becomes more harmonious, and even noticeable asymmetry gradually disappears
  • the vibromassager will help you remember what it's like to have glowing skin
  • the massager's mechanical action speeds up lymph flow nicely
  • fast lymph flow means no swelling
  • no swelling means looking refreshed in the morning
  • subtle age-related changes: small and fresh expression lines disappear quickly, while deep, longer-term ones lose their intensity and slowly fade away
How to Use
Cleanse your face and neck first before starting the massage. Then, apply one of our serums or oils to your clean skin. Turn the massager on by twisting the knob at the bottom of the handle, and gently stroke your skin with it. Start from the center and work through to the sides, focusing on different areas each time.
The Set Includes:
  • a vibromassager with a T-shaped attachment
  • a clear instruction manual
  • a velour pouch for protection
  • stylish and firm packaging

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